Our Mission

"To become the leading Social Enterprise in the Philippines, bringing together both merchants and consumers in solving social problems such as financial illiteracy, poverty and instability through an innovative marketing program that reflects the Filipino value of Bayanihan."

What We Are

A Social Enterprise

We are a social enterprise: a new breed of business entity that combines the business savvy of traditional business and the heart of non-profit organization. As a social enterprise, we use the power of business to solve these social problems.

What We Do

Consumers And Merchants

We create an environment of give and take between our merchants and consumers as we strive to solve the social problems. We operate in the belief that cooperation is the main ingredient for success.

Why We Do It

Financial Illiteracy and Instability

Personal finance management is never part of any school curriculum. Sad to say, many individuals spend decades of trial and error before finally learning how to handle their finances, and when they finally do, time has run out on them. Compounding that problem is the lack of opportunities to make a living in a booming economy and evolving consumerism.

How We Do It

Innovative Marketing Program

We offer a targeted Loyalty Affiliate Marketing Program that provides its Merchant Partners with a huge Marketing Base, pays attractive commissions to Affiliates who bring in customers and rewards customers handsomely for their loyalty.