JJJ Payback Testimonials

Meet Ronie Bulawin, aka Ronie de los Reyes (his fb account) a self-confessed geek and a tech genius, Proprietor of http://coolgeeks.technology/, http://cebuonlinegrocery.com/

At one glance, his very simple appearance will never betray the fact that he made a fortune with bitcoin mining and trading or that he is a successful businessman. He wears slippers, rides a jeepney, looks like the Joe next door until he opens his mouth to speak.

Ronie’s interests span a wide variety of topics ranging from encryption algorithms and quantum physics to altruism. First and foremost of Ronnie’s priorities is helping his fellow Filipinos overcome poverty.

Small wonder why Ronie is crazy about the platform of JJJ Payback. He has been toying with the idea years before but just didn’t get the chance to implement it. The moment he heard about JJJ Payback, Ronie joined without any hesitation and in just a matter of days, put up his online grocery to complement this amazing social enterprise. In less than two month’s time, Ronie’s members rose to almost 100 in number; his online grocery has helped save many Cebuanos countless hours in exasperating traffic, not to mention lining up in grocery counters; his bitcoin exchange site is abuzz with activity as more and more JJJ Payback members were educated about cryptocurreny; his VPN customers have swelled out of proportion and most importantly, his network of businessmen and potential customers has expanded considerably. His only intention was to help, but karma has blessed Ronie even with more.

At JJJ Payback, a member can both be an Affiliate and a Merchant at the same time. Apart from earning from everything one buys and everything others buy, each member has the chance to build and grow his business in this growing community that resembles more like a family than a business organization.

It’s still a long way for JJJ Payback to realize its vision which is to contribute to a balanced and stable economy, but with the help of people like Ronie, the dream is not that far off.